Magento Automatic Customer Group Switcher

Recently I was searching for an extension for Magento to enable us to automatically switch customers to new customer groups based on the ordered product history and on specific membership products.

I found a great Magento extension that allows to do both these tasks and more!

Rule based customer switching system

The Magento Automatic Customer Group Switcher extension by Plugin Company is a flexible rule based customer group switching system. It works similar to the familiar shopping cart price rules which we all know pretty well of course. A big difference is that you can also choose aggregated attributes for defining the customer group switching rules, like the sum of order totals or the sum of invoice totals.

Many different Magento attributes to choose from

Because the group switcher extension is rule based, it is of course a must to have a lot of attributes to choose from. On this aspect the extension also delivers the full 100%. You can use almost any customer attribute, like gender, age, account age and newsletter subscription status, Besides that you can create Magento group switching rules based on cart attribute combinations like product sku or category, total, grand total, tax etc, similar to the shopping cart price rules. Like I mentioned above, a great feature is that you can use aggregated values like total customer turnover, or turnover for a specific product by the customer.

Creating membership products

We had to create a membership products for a customer of ours, which after being bought would give members a discount percentage on all feature orders.With the Magento Customer Group Switching extension, this can be easily done by automatically switching a customer to a new group once the membership SKU has been purchased. A great thing is that you can specifcy exactly with which order or invoice status the rule should be triggered, preventing unpaid orders form being counted as a valid order for the rules.

Looking at all the functionalities we got with this extension, I would definitely recommend it.

There are almost to many functionalities to write down here, so I suggest you check the Magento extension yourself here: Customer Group Switching by Plugin Company

What are your experiences with this extension? Let me know in the comments below!


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