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Magento Automatic Customer Group Switcher

Recently I was searching for an extension for Magento to enable us to automatically switch customers to new customer groups based on the ordered product history and on specific membership products.

I found a great Magento extension that allows to do both these tasks and more!

Rule based customer switching system

The Magento Automatic Customer Group Switcher extension by Plugin Company is a flexible rule based customer group switching system. It works similar to the familiar shopping cart price rules which we all know pretty well of course. A big difference is that you can also choose aggregated attributes for defining the customer group switching rules, like the sum of order totals or the sum of invoice totals.

Many different Magento attributes to choose from

Because the group switcher extension is rule based, it is of course a must to have a lot of attributes to choose from. On this aspect the extension also delivers the full 100%. You can use almost any customer attribute, like gender, age, account age and newsletter subscription status, Besides that you can create Magento group switching rules based on cart attribute combinations like product sku or category, total, grand total, tax etc, similar to the shopping cart price rules. Like I mentioned above, a great feature is that you can use aggregated values like total customer turnover, or turnover for a specific product by the customer.

Creating membership products

We had to create a membership products for a customer of ours, which after being bought would give members a discount percentage on all feature orders.With the Magento Customer Group Switching extension, this can be easily done by automatically switching a customer to a new group once the membership SKU has been purchased. A great thing is that you can specifcy exactly with which order or invoice status the rule should be triggered, preventing unpaid orders form being counted as a valid order for the rules.

Looking at all the functionalities we got with this extension, I would definitely recommend it.

There are almost to many functionalities to write down here, so I suggest you check the Magento extension yourself here: Customer Group Switching by Plugin Company

What are your experiences with this extension? Let me know in the comments below!



A guide to using Magento


Open-source technology has made online businesses grow and flourish. Various E-commerce platforms have been developed on this technology. This has made it easier and streamlined for both buyers and sellers to use the internet to sell and purchase things.

Magento is one such eCommerce platform, which offers huge flexibility and interesting features. The interface is very user friendly, and allows both the marketing team and the consumer to efficiently engage in business. With this platform, the best part is that the site can be customized to meet a unique business requirement. As a result, every business that uses this platform can have a different outlook. The various specifications pertaining to a particular business can be easily realized with this platform.

How can this ecommerce platform benefit your business?

Magento can be scaled to meet your business needs. It caters to both big and small business needs with equal efficiency. The support provided to businesses that operate out of this platform is of very high quality. As a result, it is a practical and easy to use approach. Delivered under a commercial license, the product is easily adaptable across platforms and allows for enhancements to make it practical and simple to use. Several themes, extensions and other options are available to make it even more attractive to use.

The key features of Magento themes and templates

Shoppers are always looking and browsing the online stores. This makes the themes and templates to play a major role in conversions for generating revenue. Thus the themes are created based on speed and clean design. With a number of available themes, the layout can be maintained, but the user can still enjoy a richer experience with this platform. Themes thus provide minimal downtime that is needed for easy store management and also for customer preference and appreciation.


Magento 2 beta Ask me Anything for developers

According to the Magento newsletter, there will be a Q&A on reddit regarding Magento 2. You will be able to ask any developer related questions there.

Magento Newsletter:

Dear Magento Developers,

Now that you’ve had some time to test out Magento 2, we’d like to hear your feedback! We are hosting an Ask me Anything (AmA) focused on the Magento 2 Developer Beta on February 5, 2015 from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. PT. It will happen on Magento subreddit.

Ben Marks, Magento community evangelist, will be moderating the session and he will be joined by Magento 2 product, architecture and technical development team members. This is a great chance to engage directly with the people behind Magento 2 and present your input on the Magento 2 beta codebase.

Here’s more detail on participating in the Magento 2 AmA session:

We will be conducting this session on the Reddit platform. If you don’t already have an account, we suggest you register on Reddit to be able to participate in the discussion. Please note that without an account you will still be able to ‘view’ the discussion, but you won’t be able to submit questions or comments. Register here (registration on right hand side of page).

On Thursday, February 5 at 8 a.m. PT, you will see a new post called “Magento 2 Developer Beta” listed on Magento subreddit.

Login to submit your questions and participate in the discussion.

Feel free to forward this email to others that may benefit from this session.

Thank you and we look forward to your participation.

Best regards,
Magento Team

Magento Extensions and Development

Why Magento is the best e-commerce platform

Magento is a great e-commerce platform, really feature-rich and easy to extend. But what makes Magento really great?

I have a couple of points that I really like about Magento:


Great community

Magento really has a huge online community. If you’re stuck when working with your webshop, or programming some custom functionality, you can find an answer online on the Magento forums or on Stack Overflow 9 out of 10 times.

Excellent code base

Where Magento differs from a lot of other e-commerce and content management systems, is the nice and clean object oriented MVC model. If you follow the Magento guidelines, you will end up with very structured software. This is not only good for developers, but also good for webshop owners that buy or download Magento extensions. In my experience the average Magento Extension is of much higher quality than the average wordpress extension for example. Of course Magento extensions are also more expensive, but I guess in this case quality is the most important factor. Your business depends on it!

A boatload of features

Magento offers a huge amount of features. Much more than any other e-commerce system. This is really where Magento differentiates from the rest. It’s literally a beast! Maybe a bit of a slow beast, but that’s nothing that can’t be solved with some good ol varnish caching :)

What do you guys think are the strong points of Magento? (and maybe the weak ones?)

Let me know in the comments below!